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Organic SEO is the best way to build your online presence. The organic nature of search engine optimization ensures an excellent conversion rate and higher rankings in SERPS for any given company or website.

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Search Engine Optimization, which is popularly known as SEO, is the process of improving the visibility of your website on leading positions in SERPs so that people can easily find your business online and generate more organic traffic through organic search engine results. According to the survey, 55% of businesses invest in SEO services. Search engine optimization allows you to increase your presence on search engines. Your website is a crucial part of your business, and SEO is critical for its growth. Research tells that Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second, translating into 3.5 billion searches per day! Imagine the size of the potential audience using Google in some way or the other during any given hour! This data also shows us how important it is to have an optimized SEO strategy to reach more and more individuals that are actively looking for products like yours via their preferred search engine at least once a day – making them twice as likely than non-searchers to purchase from websites with high rankings in SERPs (search engines results).



According to a survey SEO is a best digital marketing channel to generate quality leads however because it’s a time taking process it becomes highly expensive practice at least for initial few months. After spending years in SEO industry Result. First brings a unique Pay for Performance SEO model for its client. Performance-based SEO or Pay-for-Performance SEO model practices charge you only after achieving the desired rankings. The model improves rankings, web traffic and revenue as a normal SEO plan however the payment is done after achieving the desired rankings. Pay-for-Performance (PFP) SEO works on client-oriented interests. It is an SEO model that works on the concept of charging a client only for the rankings achieved for top-listed keywords. All you need is a minor set up fee initially with continuous payments based on results. A place on the first page of Google means a lot of traffic generation. This traffic has the potential to generate vast revenue considering your conversion rate to be high if the web page is relevant. Our SEO Experts know how to track meaningful brand insights within your site’s analytics data. Our on-site specialists ensure your campaign is tracked and refined continuously.

With our experienced digital copywriters and a backup for your overall optimization strategy, we push you to the top.


  1. Keyword research
  2. Industry Analysis
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Complete On Page Suggestion
  5. Complete Website Audit
  6. Backlinks Acquisition


In our PFP SEO plan, we build a strategy that covers top four-five keywords. These keywords have strong potential to extract maximum sales. For the best plan, competitive analysis is also done to assess the market competition. A technical audit of the client’s site is done by SEO experts to ensure compatibility with search engines. Monitoring is done for both on-page and off-page activities to generate organic traffic. This highlights your webpage to the search engine that it is worth for a first-page ranking. The traffic generated after that is measured for performance and results.

To explore more possibilities about PFP SEO for your business, speak to our digital strategists today!

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Seven Zones Services are making its marks heavily in very short time span. Our top SEO Company in UK after getting success in Pakistan is now providing its SEO services in UK. In UK, we are providing our complete SEO packages, website development packages, content writing packages, SMM packages and many more as well. Our clients of UK are now getting our services with full ease of access. We have specialized and trained Website developers and content management system experts. If you are finding any difficulties then our content management system experts will guide you and take you website on high ranks of major search engines by publishing unique content on your websites. They will change the content or images of your website by time to time, according to the demand of search engine optimization. We are now making good marks along with the other top SEO companies by facilitating our clients with our great and passionate services. We are best SEO Company in UK, and widely recognized in the whole UK. Along with other best SEO companies, we are now a highly established and best proven SEO company.  And our clients are really admiring our work with their great response and positive feedback. You will see the real difference between our best SEO Company and other companies of UK, when you avail our SEO services.

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Our Process

On-Page Optimization

Have a website that is focused on user friendly but at the same time it’s well optimized for search engines.


Content Strategy

Creating a content that get’s people talking and sharing is a key to ranking on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.


SEO Strategy

It’s important to have a SEO plan, with it we can set the right goals for your business and accomplish them easily


Website Structure

It’s important to have a better website structure. Search engines love websites that are structured well and fast!


Link Building

Still one of the most important signs of ranking factors, we focus on quality link building to achieve amazing results.


Local SEO

Local search engine optimization will get you seen by thousands of local customers looking for your business online


User Experience

Create an amazing user experience and search engines will reward you by placing your website very highly in searches


Creating Buzz

Creating a buzz that will have a great impact on your business will help your website with ranking and trust with search engines


Business Reviews

Increase your business revenue by more than 50% simply because you have more reviews then your competitors.

Increase Leads from Local Customers with Local SEO Services

local Seo services for home service companies – local pack97% of consumers go online to find local services, and 82% of smartphone users use a search engine when looking for a local business. How do you connect with these consumers? With local search engine optimization (local SEO) from one of the best local SEO companies in the nation. The phone book is out and online search engines are in—which means you need local SEO to get found by local consumers looking online for your services. This specific type of SEO helps you get found and grow your business in four primary ways:

It increases your website’s rankings in the search results and in the local pack (maps listings)

It receives the highest conversion levels of all local advertising channels

It helps mobile users easily find your business, whether that’s in the search engines, through directories, or through social media channels

It ensures your business is found on Google maps and through other navigational apps

Search engines, like Google, have realized that many users are looking for specific services and products near them. In fact, more than half of all total Google search queries have local intent. So how does that impact your business? With better local rankings, you’ll see more visits to your website and more leads for your company.

What Is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your company visible for geographically-related searches, specifically within Google’s Local Pack (or map listings). Local SEO helps your company:

Increase its local online visibility

Outrank its local competitors

Generate more organic traffic to your website

Increase leads and sales from within a specific service area

A successful local SEO campaign is critical for any home service business and commercial contractors alike looking to drive leads and sales from neighboring customers.

Think of local SEO like today’s phone book! While the calls you receive from newspaper ads and the Yellow Pages are dwindling (or non-existent), local SEO helps you generate more calls and online contact forms from your website.


How Local SEO Services Help Your Business Grow

There are a few distinct benefits of hiring an SEO company for local SEO services:

It increases online visibility for local consumers – 97% of people go online to find local services, and 95% of them won’t go past the first page of the search results. Local search engine optimization works to increase your page rankings, therefore increasing your online visibility.

It increases web traffic, leads, and sales from local visitors – If you’re a local company, getting web visits and leads from users in a different city, state, or country won’t do anything to build your business. With localized SEO, you increase traffic from consumers in your specific service areas, which means you’ll get a higher visit-to-sale rate.

It provides more targeted geographic campaigns – Modern consumers expect hyper-personalized online experiences. With localized SEO, you can target campaigns to extremely small, localized groups of people.

It makes you stand out from your competitors – Fewer than 50% of businesses currently use local SEO services. What that means for you is a big opportunity to get ahead and stand out in directories, maps, local searches, and social media.

you need services from a local seo company because 97% of consumers go online to find local services

Does Your Business Need Help from a Local SEO Company?

How can you tell if you should hire a local SEO company? If your business matches any of the below conditions, you need local search help.


You own or work for a company who relies on local customers for sales and revenue

You have a company with specific service areas: Neighborhoods, towns, cities, etc.

You are a franchisor or franchisee

You want more traffic, leads, and sales within specifically designated market areas (DMAs)

You want to secure your business listings on online directories like Google My Business, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

You want your company to show up on maps and navigation apps or in Google’s local pack

Your company has offices or provides services in more than one city or DMA, but does not offer products or services nation-wide

Local SEO Services Pricing and Packages

Your company is unique from every other company out there, which is why we build customer pricing and packages based on your individual needs.

We avoid giving pricing until we understand your specific needs because it varies so much—some local businesses only have a $2,500 budget and only need basic, affordable local SEO services, while others with multiple locations have a $20,000 budget and need the works.

If a local SEO marketing company presents you with one-size-fits-all packages, it’s a bad sign that you won’t get much customization or individualization out of your partnership.

However, we do have set services that are included with every single local search engine optimization package.

Local SEO Packages from Blue Corona: What’s Included?

Completing a market analysis of your service areas

Finding local competitors currently outranking you on the web for your services

Analyzing search terms, monthly search volumes, and more in your market


Auditing citations across all relevant online directories

Editing all local citations to include the right name-address-phone number (NAP citations)

Creating new citations

Discovering more local citation opportunities

Managing and monitoring local listings


Performing continual keyword research to find what and how your customers are searching for your services

Publishing locally targeted website content that improves your local search rankings and provides a seamless user experience

Adding microdata to your website (schema markup) to improve your local business listings, make local reviews more prominent on search result pages, and increase your local rank

Optimizing landing pages on a continual basis


Optimizing your company’s Google My Business page for your business address and phone number

Claiming your Google Maps listing

Optimizing your Google My Business page for backlinks

Optimizing your business hours and services on Google My Business


Monitoring your keyword rankings, organic traffic, calls, and leads

Monitoring the keywords rankings of your competitors

Monitoring your top three local competitors

And more


Installing and monitoring advanced Google Analytics tracking

Setting up and monitoring tracked phone lines for your campaigns.

Providing detailed reports on how our services are impacting your business overall

Why Hire a Local SEO Company?

If you’re like most contractors, you wear many hats. Between running the company, dealing with day-to-day issues, and still trying to make time for your family, there’s just not much free time left at the end of the day. However, as search engines update their local search ranking factors, it’s important you educate yourself so that you don’t fall behind the competition. We can help!

Blue Corona is an award-winning online marketing company with great results for getting our clients more rankings, traffic, leads, and sales from the web. We aim to make every client a raving fan of our work, and we want you to be next. Read some of our client reviews to see what our current clients think of us!

Our local SEO campaign managers will use their expert knowledge, industry experience, and a multitude of local SEO tools to understand your company from a local business perspective.

We then analyze your competitive landscape, capture accurate baseline information about the performance of your current marketing strategies, evaluate your website and local online presence, and formulate a local SEO strategy to increase your website traffic and leads.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions for Home Service Companies

If you’re looking for a “local SEO services near me,” you’ve come to the right place. Your customers are searching for your business—let Blue Corona help them find you. We’ve helped home and commercial service businesses of all sizes, so whether you’re looking for local SEO services for a small business or are a large home service franchise, we’re the digital marketing company for you.

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